Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wicked witch of the elementary?!?

So... Apparently I'm an awful mean and witch of a teacher because I lost ANOTHER student today! He's only been here about 8 of the 15 days he's been enrolled and he moved!
Does your school have this high of a student turnover? I wrote yesterday that I have gotten 5 new students and have had 5 move away now! Yeesh!!!
We are a very small school in a small town (4?? Population.) So to have this many come in and out, I'm perplexed! :)


  1. My friend across the hall actually had a kiddo for 2 days enrolled and gone again! So yes we have a pretty high turnover! I have had 3 move out and then 2 in this year so not too bad! I feel luck!

    1. Oh my goodness! 2 days!?! Poor baby! Yea for Missouri bloggers! :) I'm headed over to check your blog out.

  2. And PS I am in Missouri to! Suburb of Kansas City!